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The  Factory


3 reactors which can produce 10 lots of all kind of wax per day.

Xincos is equipped with all automated control to ensure consistency and optimum quality.

Extreme cooling system including 20 meters long pelletizer to ensure that wax bean's production flow is not interrupted, and packed at optimum temperature

Automatic packaging machine, which can pack from 100g to 5 kg in 15 kg cartons.

Our laboratory is adjacent to the production facility that enables us to be reactive, test quality, and develop new products.

Xincos factory is a brand new factory built in 2022


All Xincos Depilatory wax formulas are developed by our research team in our own laboratory.

Every formula is unique to Xincos, using only cosmetic grade Raw Materials to ensure the safest and best efficiency for all type of skins

Before being marketed, they are extensively tested by a team of experts.

OPTimum formula

Multiple iteration, and selection of Best Cosmetic Ingredients are required to produce optimal formulas 


Panel of experts at Beauty Salons are thoroughly testing experimental products to give the best recommendations on formulas prior to Marketing our products

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